Xiaomi is ready to enter the electric car market and announces the date of mass production of its first models

plans Xiaomi They go beyond electronic devices and have marked on the list of objectives not only to enter the electric car market, but to be a major player in this sector, something they made clear at their last investor meeting.

According to a report published on the website of computer todaywho cites a report by MyDriversAt this meeting of the Chinese company headed by CEO Lei Jun, those present spoke about the current situation of the brand’s expected electric vehicle.

In the meeting, Jun explained that the R&D team, the people in charge of the electric car, grew to more than 2,300 members in recent months and that they intend to start mass-producing their cars in the first quarter of 2024.

In fact, reports indicate that the R&D department has exceeded expectations and that real road tests began in December 2022, under extreme cold conditions, including on snow and with Lei Jun driving one of the models.

What else is known about Xiaomi’s electric car?

Jun noted that more than 140 vehicles are scheduled to undergo tests across China in this first phase of the autonomous driving initiative, and they aim to establish themselves as industry leaders next year.

On profitability, he said that Xiaomi cares about both hardware and software profits. In addition, he explained that they have built their own auto base in Yizhuang, Beijing, and plan to build a complete vehicle factory with an annual output of 300,000 models.