Ximena Duque leaves the hospital: How is she feeling?

Ximena Duque was discharged from the hospital: How is the actress?


Ximena Duque was discharged from the hospital and will continue to recover at her residence in Miami.

Ximena Duque announced through her official account on Instagram that she was finally discharged from the hospital after being hospitalized in an emergency for pneumonia in the middle of her infection with COVID-19 in the final stage of her third pregnancy.

“At home to continue recovering … With intact faith and a stronger mind,” Duque said from the privacy of his home in the stories of his official account on the Instagram platform.

The 35-year-old interpreter did not delve into details about her current state of health, what is a fact is that she plans to continue recovering at home until the birth of her daughter Skye.

Clara Giraldo, mother of the Colombian actress, spoke through her stories on Instagram to announce that the residence of her famous daughter was being disinfected by a cleaning team so that she can recover satisfactorily after her return from the health center.

On the other hand, Giraldo thanked all the people who have been aware of Duque’s state of health: “This is a message of gratitude, first to God because he had us in the palm of one hand in this COVID process. Thanks to the whole family that was pending moment by moment, to the friends and followers of this account who are a great family that the universe gives us. Thank you”.

Ximena Duque was confined in a Miami hospital

During the past weekend, Ximena Duque was admitted to a Miami hospital on the recommendations of her gynecologist, this after presenting complications derived from COVID-19.

“I’ve been in the hospital for a couple of days. I was at home, resting, taking care of myself, but there were already many days of fever and my gynecologist asked me to go to the hospital, “the actress mentioned at that time in the stories on her Instagram profile.

Duque continued explaining: “I arrived at the hospital with a picture of pneumonia in both lungs, a normal picture for COVID patients, but in my case, being pregnant is a little more delicate, because the treatment cannot be so aggressive” .

Despite her diagnosis with pneumonia, the Colombian also emphasized that the baby she is expecting is out of danger. However, Duque explained that they had to apply serum to prevent an induced labor after medical personnel realized that his amniotic fluid had severely decreased.

At present, Ximena Duque continues to recover in the privacy of her home under the care of her family.

Duque and his family were infected with COVID-19

HOLA! USA reported on January 10 that Ximena Duque and her family had been infected with COVID-19 in the middle of the last weeks of pregnancy of the famous actress of Colombian origin.

At that time, the US publication detailed that the actress’s family was out of danger and that they continued to comply with a rigorous quarantine at their residence in the city of Miami.

Jay Adkins, Duque’s husband, recently revealed on his official Instagram account that both he and his little daughter Luna had managed to recover from their COVID-19 infection.

For her part, Ximena Duque continues to struggle with the symptoms that she has presented since she tested positive for a Coronavirus diagnostic test. However, the actress is in a favorable state of health and the baby she is expecting is out of danger.

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