Yahir confessed that some women have touched him without his consent – Explica .co

Yahir He confessed that he has suffered sexual harassment from his fans, since they have touched him and spanked him without his consent.

“Toñita in ‘La Academia’ made me famous as a nalgón. He brought me in scrubs that ‘my nalgón pa’ there ‘and my’ nalgón pa ‘here’.

“So, many times, in many places, they grabbed my bottom, the truth. More on the ball, when you get to the airport, it is never missing, “he said to Ventaneando.

However, the singer and actor knows that this issue is something very delicate for women, so he asks people to report it, even if he takes it as a joke when it happened.

I take it as a joke, I have never had a bullying, but that subject of the buttocks makes me something very naughty, to say the least.

Watch the video at minute 28:12

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