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Yanet García receives a massage with little clothes. It took your breath away! | Instagram

The influencer and fit girl, Yanet Garcia She boasted an incredible massage on her buttocks to tone, a video that filled her millions of followers with sighs, as she was seen wearing very little clothes, leaving very little to the imagination.

Yanet García once again drove his followers crazy by sharing a video in which he receives a massage, showing himself almost naturally.

As you may remember, since this beautiful girl left television, the former host has focused on progressing in her fitness career and through her social networks she shares all her secrets to have a sculpted body.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that he has shared this type of videos, since for several months he showed that thanks to the masseuse Flávia Lanini, he is able to fight cellulite.

OMG. I love you Flavia. You are the best masseuse in the world, « he wrote in the publication on his Instagram account.

This is how Yanet goes with the founder of the spa « Flavia Lanini Beauty Institute » to maintain her figure and has also recognized that to build glutes out of envy you should have a good diet, a daily workout and of course, receive massages as an aid.

Click here to watch Yanet García’s fiery video.

As expected, this video made a great impression among its followers and so far has more than 4 million views and endless comments from users of the famous social network.

Since the beginning of his artistic career, Yanet She has proven to be a woman in addition to being beautiful, intelligent and self-confident; She has also decided to share her personal growth with other women in order to support them in their physical and spiritual change.

García is currently a fitness coach and in her social networks she usually shares motivational messages, dishes and exercise routines to support all those who want to transform their lives and the beautiful woman has made it clear that it is important to lead a healthy and have a healthy mind in a healthy body.

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It is worth mentioning that Yanet Garcia It has not only been part of the morning program Hoy, as it has also ventured into other projects, such as cinema and other television stations.

For several months now, Yanet García has been more than happy with her fiancé and developing new projects and has shown it in her stories and Instagram posts.

On the other hand, after she began to be successful in social networks, and her official Instagram account, Yanet García decided to launch an application where her followers could learn about some exercise routines and eating methods that have served her a lot. .

And it is that perhaps due to the fact that several of his followers were asking him what his routine was or the secret to having such immense buttocks, is that Yanet García decided to launch this application, with which he has surely been doing quite well.

In addition, Yanet García is also an actress, although so far she has only had the opportunity to participate in two films, which will surely help her career have more opportunities in television and film.

The movie in which he appears Yanet Garcia It’s called « Bellezonismo » was launched in 2019, the script and direction were in charge of Jordi Arencón, from what has been seen in the trailers on the YouTube platform, the film did not have the expected success, because in fact for many it was a failed experiment.

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