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Yanet García shows that she swims like a mermaid in a red swimsuit (Instagram)

Yanet García shows that she swims like a mermaid in a red swimsuit | Instagram

The beautiful fitness girl Yanet Garcia He once again showed off his great body from the pool and with a fiery video wearing a red swimsuit with which, of course, thousands of Mexicans fell in love and left them with their mouths open.

The most famous weather girl in Mexico pleased the more than 13 million followers on her official Instagram account by sharing an audacious and sensual video, where she appears in a tiny red swimsuit.

It was through her account, where the ex-host in the program “Hoy” Yanet García, shared a recording of less than 10 seconds, where she can be seen leaving the pool, turning her back to the camera and showing her well-worked back3ro .

It should be mentioned that this is not the first time that the beautiful driver has pleased her followers with such a photograph or video clip, since in her history in the aforementioned social network, several of these can be found.

The Mexican has been extremely active with her publications, mainly on the Instagram social network and on the Tik Tok video platform, where she has left all her followers with the temperature at the top due to the overflowing s3nsuality.

In the video, Yanet he takes time to lose himself in the waves of the water and then slowly get out of the water while the water runs down his body, an image that is recorded from the back and that obtained a large amount of likes from his more than 13 million followers .

As you may remember, the host rose to fame, after the “TODAY” program hired her to give the weather, being her bulging rear which caught the attention of viewers.

However, currently the model is dedicated to social networks and has commented that soon, she will appear in another television program, without having commented more on the new project so far.

The video has so far more than 3 million views and thousands of comments from its millions of followers who love all its content.

What a beautiful body ”,“ The mermaid is coming towards me ”,“ You look spectacular ”,“ you can see the work she does on her body ”,“ Very good eyesight ”and“ teach us to have that tail ”, were some of the comments of his followers in this viral video.

It is worth mentioning that the success of the native of Monterrey is due to the fearless photographs that she usually shares on social networks.

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Besides hot photos and videos, Garcia He usually shares exercise routines and the odd tip to have a balanced diet.

Click here to see the suggestive video of Yanet Garcia.

There is no doubt that Yanet García has become one of the most important conductors of Mexican television, although despite everything she does not currently participate in any television program, it has been confirmed through the network that she is one of the famous most followed by thousands of people around the world.

However, her millions of fans are waiting for the model to return to the small screen with a new program that will undoubtedly make each of her followers fall in love and those who accumulate.

On the other hand, her courtship with Lewis Howes is stronger than ever, although apparently they are not together they make everyone fall in love with their relationship and with every moment they share on social networks.

And it seems that the beautiful model continues to live with great tranquility her stage without work in the United States and in fact since she meets the American Lewis Howes she does not seem to be in too much hurry to go back to work, although she is looking for her fortune there as Some time ago, the Mexican Jimena Sánchez did.

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