Yesterday Bannon and Trump, today Cummings. At this rate we run out of villains soon

Dominic Cummings has left 10 Downing Street with a cardboard box of his possessions.

A scene that is one month ahead of the expected date and that will have forced a spontaneous party on all those who had to put up with this character who dictated the political life of the country. Without being chosen by anyone.

Last week it was Steve Bannon, from Trump’s little hand, who we could see how once and for all he ceased to have the key to a Casablanca in which he achieved great influence, and events in the United States probably have had to do with it. a lot with how events unfold in the UK a week later.

Boris has no endorsements and Dominic Cummings only managed continuous resignations in the dwindling team and with Biden further weakening his position vis-à-vis the European Union, it seems that it is time for the rats to jump ship.

Hours took a Prime Minister like David Cameron to jump from the Brexit project, and how happy and relieved he was after informing of his decision to resign, he could not repress singing to himself while turning his back on the press to enter for the last time your official residence.

Theresa May had to deal with the project of rupture even when she requested the vote to remain in the European Union during the referendum campaign … but the lack of candidates together with the historic possibility of being able to become Prime Minister made her the one in charge to start this project.

It lasted as long as it lasted and for a long time, after delaying decisions, requesting extensions several times, and having to confront two radical factions in his party, he finally resigned in June 2019, after self-inflicted wounds due to the arrogance of advancing elections that weakened to his party (losing the majority).

Likewise, the rush shown when Article 50 was activated without a clear plan to achieve it within 2 years, the repeated failed Brexit slogan means Brexit (we still don’t know what it meant), and the countless sessions in Parliament in The one that all that was achieved was to show a divided country, with an elite trying to materialize the bravado of leaving the European Union, filled the patience of Mrs. May, whom many already called the worst Prime Minister in history … no they had seen Boris in action.

Since July 2019 we have been directed by the well-known Boris Johnson, known for his political impropriety, his outings, his list of legitimate and illegitimate children, and that story about the two columns for The Telegraph in which he wrote a defense in one of them at all costs to follow in the European Union, and a second column in the opted to request the exit surprising David Cameron himself. Finally he opted for the second … bet that turned out well.

In previous articles he said “this is a market on our doorstep, ready to be exploited even more by British companies”, “the cost of membership seems quite small for all that access it gives you. Why do we want to turn our backs on him? “

In his career as PM he quickly called Mr. Cummings, to enroll him in his lists, despite the fact that within his party there were great doubts about the interests and reputation of a mercenary like Dominic Cummings, but he was also preceded by the success of the campaign of Brexit in 2016.

The news of his departure from government as Boris Johnson’s senior adviser has produced a cascade of statements, statements, and signs of relief… but perhaps the damage was done.

Lord Heseltine, who was John Major’s vice president has said that “I cannot think of someone who has done so much damage to this country in such a short time.”

Another Conservative MP, Andrew Rossindell was concerned about whether this would be a sign of possible treason in the final treaty with the EU.

In full lockdown during COVID19, the trips from London to Durham and the excursion to Barnard Castle will be remembered to confirm that he saw well enough to drive back to London … and his responses to the press treating the British population as stupid and showing themselves to believe for Above the law they take you away from the portrait that Benedict Cumberbatch portrayed in the movie Brexit: The Uncivil War, and bring you closer to the villains of Jame Bond.

The departure of Cummings and the arrival of Biden facilitate or, rather, push the government to have to make a quick decision in the coming days on the future relationship with the European Union.

Without Cummings yelling at the rest of the staff at 10 Downing Street and without Trump offering the support of the United States, everything favors dialogue, lowering his head, and accepting conditions from the European Union that with Dominic on board, could not be drink.

The level of unemployment in the United Kingdom is the highest in a long time with 4.8%, one point above March 2019, and far from the historical highs in full Thatcherism in March of ’84 with 11.8%.

Without wishing anyone bad anything, let us hope that Dominic Cummings, for the good of British society, is one of those unemployed for a very long season, since the little that he has been known to work has meant bad news for the entire country.

Perhaps this news and that of Bannon / Trump is the best thing that 2020 has given us.

Without these two pieces, many of the ills that are being suffered, and that growth in flat-earthers, deniers, Brexiteers, and Trumpists would not be understood.

2021 looks much better this week after vaccine announcements, election results, and new additions to unemployment rolls on both sides of the Atlantic.

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