You can now share your App Store subscriptions with your family

Starting today, family subscriptions acquired in the Apple App Store have a new incentive: share third-party applications with recurring payment up to a maximum of six users of our family plan. Thanks to this, we will have considerable savings in all the applications and services that allow it.

Now they will be their own developers who will have to decide whether to activate this functionality or not. Until now, we could share the applications as a family, but not their subscriptions. From now on, it is viable as long as the developer allows it.

When any of our subscription applications allow it, we will receive a notification informing us of it. From that moment on, we will have to decide if we share it as a family or not. This will already be a personal decision and not automatic.

This is how you can activate iCloud family subscriptions

The procedure is pretty easy. We simply have to access our Apple account from our iPhone or iPad, select the active subscriptions and check the option to share with family.

Thanks to the ability to share family subscriptions, the savings can be considerable. We are sharing an app or service with a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual recurring payment. Generally, annual payments carry an interesting discount, with which we could save some monthly payment on the application or service.

Activation from an iPhone or iPad

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We came in Settings
We click on our Apple ID (top) We mark Subscriptions
We select the app subscription We activate Share with family

It should be noted that at the moment they cannot share purchases made within an application. What is allowed at this time is sharing a recurring subscription, but not purchases made in it by a family member. This possibility could come in the near future, although we do not yet have a date for it.

We remind you that Apple also offers a family plan to save on your own subscriptions thanks to Apple one. Apple One brings together all the services in a single payment, both individually and in a family plan.

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