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In September 2020, Tyler Posey, an actor who became known worldwide for his starring role in the series ‘Teen Wolf,’ announced his incorporation to OnlyFans, through his Twitter account, with a short video. A decision that came after many of his fans encouraged him to join the platform, with which Posey bet that he would be « even closer to my followers and be more real with them. » Nevertheless, this experience seems to have become somewhat disappointing over time.

Tyler Posey in one of his photographs published on his Instagram account

The actor, who has never cut himself when it comes to sharing somewhat provocative images on his Instagram account, had the opportunity to talk about his time on the content platform in an interview for E! online, in which he described OnlyFans as « strange. » « Really, it’s kind of a mental drain. You feel like an object on OnlyFans. I try by all means to be as artistic as possible with the content that I post, because I don’t want it to be just porn, you know?« , declared the interpreter, after which he clarified that » that’s not what I do and I don’t want to take it away from the people who do it. « 

« I just want to be artistic and be in contact with my fans, » argued the American. « I simply cannot pose naked and take myself seriously, » added the interpreter, when talking about the reaction of his fans to the content he published on the platform and that it would not have been exactly what many of them expected. they. « It’s weird, it’s kind of stupid, I feel like an object. I’m still trying to figure out my position on this and we’ll see where it goes », Posey concluded, thus leaving his future in OnlyFans up in the air.

« Bella and I are still very close »

During the interview, Tyler also had the opportunity to talk about ex-partner, Bella Thorne, who also joined OnlyFans and even achieved enormous success thanks to its provocative content. « Bella and I are still very close. I talk to her very often », revealed Posey, who admitted having been « the best boyfriend in the past ». « I tried to make something work, it didn’t and it became more and more toxic, so I think that, to a large extent, I don’t think many of my exes want to know about me, » said the actor, after which he bet on working in « maintaining some kind of peace and respect. »

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