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The arrival of snow in the country has caused all kinds of reactions, but one of the most talked about has been that of Javier Lambán. The president of Aragon has questioned climate change when he saw how citizens endured the great snowfall that has fallen in the country, something that has caused much controversy in social networks and that also has been harshly criticized by laSexta meteorologist Isabel Zubiaurre on January 9 in the network’s news.

« In view of the images that Filomena leaves us, it does not seem that climate change will necessarily mean the disappearance of snow. Last year was already very lavish with our mountains in that sense, » published the president of Aragon. Upon hearing Lambán’s comment, Zubiaurre has not bit his tongue and has criticized « The lack of scientific knowledge of many of our politicians. They have no idea of ​​science ».

« For the president to know, 2020 has been the warmest year since there are records in Europe. And this does not mean that we will always have very warm temperatures, but that we will have extremes, which is precisely what has happened » , explained Zubiarre, who considers that « this ignorance is desperate because the increase of two degrees in the temperature of the planet indicates that the Earth has a feverIn other words, we are going to go from a record for cold to a record for heat, « the meteorologist reported on laSexta news.

Iñaki López plays it to go to laSexta

Then, the presenter of ‘laSexta noche’, Iñaki López was on . of not arriving at his job on January 9, due to the problems caused by the great snowfall that fell in the capital. The driver of the Campanadas 2020-2021 was narrating his adventure through social networks: « The adventure begins to go to television between slips and the difficulty of walking through the boulevards of Madrid, which are turned into ice tracks. There are a lot of downed trees, making this walk more dangerous« , reported the space driver, who claimed to have fallen up to three times.

López had to manage as best he could to get to the Atresmedia facilities, taking line 10, which had some sections closed due to the storm: « After two hours of travel and with snow on our knees, we have reached the set of laSexta. If there is luck and there are talk shows, we will have a program, « Iñaki López announced hours before the delivery was broadcast.

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