You won’t believe what Sylvester Stallone is asking for this mansion!

The “Rocky” star has put his tremendous property in Beverly Park up for sale for an alarming amount. We will tell you everything below.

Without thinking twice, how much is Sly asking for his old Rocky-themed residence? Nothing more and nothing less than $ 130 million!

Stallone, now 74, and his wife, Jennifer Flavin, bought the 1.4 hectare site in the late 1990s, and built this gigantic 2,000 m² pan-Mediterranean mansion with 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms on it.

Some interesting features inside the house are a large library with vaulted ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows in the study, and a dining room with hand-painted walls that resemble an old castle.

The office displays on illuminated shelves a collection of memorable items from the Rocky movies, including a life-size statue of the boxer with his gloved hands raised in victory.

Your kitchen appears to have been recently renovated and includes not one, but two islands with fine finishes.

The exterior of the property is just as amazing as the interior. It has a beautiful swimming pool, a mini golf course, a guest house and wonderful panoramic views of the canyons and the city.

The new buyer will have to take into account that in addition to the stratospheric price of the property, you still have to spend $ 125,000 annually in taxes, that is not counting thousands and thousands on service, cleaning and maintenance.

Among the top moguls residing around the Beverly Park area are Denzel Washington, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, Paul Reiser, Eddie Murphy, Rod Stewart, Magic Johnson and Mark Wahlberg.

Incredibly, this Stallone mansion isn’t the most expensive in the neighborhood for sale. The jackpot goes to Villa Firenze, the property of aviation leasing billionaire Steven Udvar-Hazy, who put it up for sale in 2018 for $ 165 million.

Now that their daughters are of college age, Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin are looking for a change of scene and a slightly more ‘modest’ house in Palm Beach, Florida, which they bought for $ 35.4 million late last year. .

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