Young people die from taking antibacterial gel thinking it was a drink – Africa – International

A group of five people were found dead in Taourirt (northeast of Morocco) after having ingested hydroalcoholic gel (antibacterial gel), which they bought with the alleged intention of getting drunk, reported today the Asabah newspaper of that country.

(In addition: Production of gels grows up to 500% due to covid-19).

According to what became known, the Taourirt gendarmes first found a corpse near a road, and open investigations led to finding four other people dead, related to the first death and that they all suffered from alcoholism.

The agents made several arrests among those responsible for the gel sale, that they had several bottles ready that they planned to sell as an alcoholic beverage.

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Selling hydroalcoholic gel is only limited to sanitary uses, on Morocco as in the rest of the world, but its affordable price in relation to alcoholic beverages – strongly priced in the country – may explain its use with “recreational” purposes.

(Also: Colombians will no longer need a visa to go to Morocco).

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and the generalization of the use of sanitary disinfectants, similar cases of death from intoxication with hydroalcoholic gel, since Russia to USA.

The dangerous fashion of consuming antibacterial gel

According to ‘BBC News’, the fashion of consume antibacterial gel It would have started around 2010, when a health emergency due to the H1N1 virus occurred. And, he explains, the middle, the most dangerous thing about this intake is the high degree of alcohol that a small bottle of this product can have. “If a bottle of vodka contains 40% ethyl alcohol, a small container of antibacterial gel can have up to 90%,” pharmacist Gaylord L√≥pez, director of the Toxicological Center of Georgia (USA) told ‘BBC’.

Ingest antibacterial gel affects the nervous system, respiratory and cardiac function. In children, according to international media, it can cause dialysis, to drain alcohol from the blood.


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