‘Your face sounds to me’ signs a wonderful 18.7% on average in its 8th edition, the most atypical due to the coronavirus

‘Your face sounds to me’ premiered on January 10, 2020 the one that would become its most atypical edition in its history. But they didn’t know; Just as they did not know that it would be a year before its end was celebrated, which arrived on January 8, 2021. The reason is that this edition was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic that forced to paralyze its production after the gala 11 without have celebrated its end. The months went by with the uncertainty of when they would return, until in November they returned to the set to offer us the final stretch.

Complete casting of the 8th edition of ‘Your face sounds like me’

This eighth edition, which once again included Carlos Latre, Lolita Flores, Chenoa and Àngel Llàcer on the jury and with Manel Fuentes as master of ceremonies, has maintained the stupendous data that it always gives Antena 3. Throughout its 18 deliveries issued from January 2020 to January 2021, the format produced by Gestmusic has signed an average of 18.7% and has had 2,499,000 viewers.

Maximum before the break, minimum when returning

With the grand finale of the edition and without a clear winner, the last installment of the edition signed the season’s maximum in screen share with 24.5%. However, the maximum number of spectators would not arrive until the 11th Gala, which Nerea won by imitating Elsa, from « Frozen ». Said delivery gathered 3,449,000 viewers, but it should be noted that it was broadcast on March 20, during confinement, being a time when television consumption grew considerably.

In addition, that gala was the last before the stoppage that the production had to make, which was forced to stop by the State of Alarm. With the edition unfinished and without knowing when they would return, they finally did so on November 29, with their 12th Gala. This long pause did not sit well with the format, well in that delivery it is when you posted your season low signing 13.8%. However, the minimum number of spectators would come with the Christmas gala, which would remain with 1,891,000.

Audiences of the eighth edition of ‘Tu cara me suena’ on Antena 3 Program number DateSpectatorsShare110 / 01 / 20203,183,00022.6% 217/01 / 20202,554,00018.7% 324/01 / 20202,725,00020.2% 431/01 / 20202,563 .00021.1% 507/02 / 20202,522,00020.3% 614/02 / 20202,211,00017.8% 721/02 / 20202,313,00019.2% 8 (Special Antenna 3) 28/02 / 20202,430,00019.7 % 906/03 / 20202,527,00020.7% 1013/03 / 20202,884,00020% 1120/03 / 20203,449,00021.2% 1229/11 / 20201,900,00013.8% 1306/12 / 20202,170,00015.4% 1413 /12/20201,957,00014.3%15 (Christmas Special) 20/12/2020 1,891,00014.1% 16 (1st semifinal) 25/12/20202,123,00016% 17 (2nd semifinal) 01/01/202012,294,00017 , 2% 18 (Final) 01/08/2020 13,285,000 24.5% Average January 2020 – January 20 212,499,000 18.7%

Lead (almost) always

The eighth edition of ‘Your face sounds like me’ premiered against strong bets from the competition. Telecinco offered a new installment of ‘My house is yours’; The 1, a gala of ‘MasterChef Junior 7’; laSexta a report by ‘Investigation Team’ and Cuatro was betting on the cinema, although from the second week it would premiere ‘The debate of temptations’. This would remain until the fourth gala of ‘TCMS’, when the cinema would arrive at La 1 and, from the fifth, it would also offer cinema Cuatro, just as Telecinco would start a new season of ‘See you again’. With this competition, it would continue until the break in March, with the talent of Antena 3 having been in first position week after week without any other space overshadowing it.

However, on his return in November, he would see that things had changed: now there were Sundays, the competition was different and the data dropped. On his return he was in third place, behind the cinema of La 1 and ‘La casa fuerte’ on Telecinco. Yes, he would be able to surpass in audience the tandem ‘Salvados’ + ‘El objective’ and ‘Cuarto milnio’ in Cuatro. In their following week they already climbed to a first place leading the night, although they no longer would with as much success as at the beginning of the edition, since the cinema of La 1 and the reality of Telecinco hit hard. Its semifinals, which jumped to Fridays, were broadcast on holidays and again changed the formats it faced, such as the special gala of ‘MasterChef Abuelos’. Even so, ‘TCMS’ would keep the first place of the night until its end.

Edition comparison

Antena 3 has achieved great data with this edition of ‘Your face sounds to me’, however, these have fallen compared to the previous year. Even so, remains above the sixth edition, the least followed to date. For its part, the second is still the most watched edition of the eight, gathering 3,355,000 viewers, while the fifth has the highest share, with an average of 23.6%.

Average audiences of all the editions of ‘Tu cara me suena’ in Antena 3 Edition numberYearSpectatorsShare120 112,915,00018.9% 22012-20133,355,00022% 32013-20142,809,00019.9% ​​42015-20163,215,00022.3% 52016-20173,288,00023, 6% 62017-20182,198,00016.9% 72018-20192,610,00020.2% 82020-20212,499,00018.7%

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