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The Youth Building the Future program made the payment to deceased people who received this support. The main beneficiaries were the people who worked for the government, according to the Superior Auditor of the Federation (ASF).

According to the 2019 report, the payment of the support corresponding to one month was made, to a total of 68 young people who died, which totaled 482.4 thousand pesos. With this, the pending transfers were made.

Bank transfers

It was also announced that with this bank transfers were made that were pending, this with dates after the death dates of 68 beneficiaries during the 2019 financial year.

With this, the lack of actions to verify, monitor and follow up on the performance of the program, as established in Article 16, sections XI and XIX, of the Internal Regulations of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, was also evident, with which neither The provisions of article 134, first paragraph, of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States were complied with.

As reported by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, those who are in charge of terminating the beneficiaries of the program are Work Centers, with this, as of January of this year it was agreed that the National Registry be reviewed bimonthly of Population the list of beneficiaries.

Similarly, the Superior Audit of the Federation announced that the STPS did not disclose how the recovery of resources will be carried out, so that the observation of the improper exercise of the budget persists.

The report also details that during 2019 the work centers that registered the highest number of scholarship recipients were government agencies, being as follows:

The General Coordination of Comprehensive Development Programs with 41,815 young people. The Ministry of Welfare with 26,939 young people. The National Council for Educational Development with 21,559 young people. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development with 19,519 young people. The National Coordination of Civil Protection 10,797 young people.

The above represents a total of 10.7% of the scholarship recipients registered in that year, following the report, the ASF pointed out that of the 195,454 work centers that registered 1.1 million people as apprentices, 57,418 did not present RFCs in their registry in the digital platform of the program.

Furthermore, in the states of Chiapas, Edomex, Guerrero, Michoacán, Oaxaca, Tabasco and Veracruz they concentrated 60.9% of young people. Similarly, it was announced that the evaluations that were made to the apprentices during their stay do not serve to measure progress in the program, in addition to the fact that the ratings are subjective.

Another element reported is that the work centers did not receive inspection visits from the STPS.

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