Double murder: Luis González-Muñiz, José García, Christopher Ávila, Dunia Figueroa and Laysha García are accused of allegedly organizing to kill two other youths in Dallas, Texas. Jason Báez and Cristian Marmolejo died from the shots fired by the three three boys in a place where they went with the two girls. Some of the shots they received were from behind. All five youths are charged with capital murder and which is the only crime punishable by death in the state of Texas who is found guilty at trial.

Hispanic death penalty Dallas Texas. Five young Hispanic men from Dallas, Texas face double capital murder charges for the organized murder of two boys.

The five detainees are the boys Luis González-Muñiz, 20 years old; José García, 18 years old; Christopher Ávila, 21 years old; Dunia Figueroa, 18, and Laysha Garcia, 19, who are charged by the Dallas Police Department (DPD) Homicide Division with allegedly organizing for the murder of fellow Hispanic Hispanics Jason Báez, 17, and Cristian Marmolejo, 21.

The capital murder charge, such as the one faced by the five youths, is the most severely punished in the Lone Star state as the Texas State Penal Code details the death penalty for anyone found guilty of that crime after a trial.

The documents of the case, consulted by Hispanic World In Texas, they detail that on Friday, May 15, 2020 at 6:27 am, Baez and Marmolejo arrived at the Exxon Mobile gas station located at 9100 Bruton Road, almost corner with North Prairie Creek Street, in the east of the metropolitan area. from Dallas, in the Pleasant Grove neighborhood.

Inside the vehicle, the girls Figueroa and García were sitting with the two boys, each one sitting next to one of the boys, then, presumably, after spending several hours of revelry in the city.

The four boys inside the car were chatting and kissing when another car suddenly arrived, a Dodge Charger, and from which three boys armed with semi-automatic pistols got out, who confronted the two boys who were in the car with the girls.

There was a shouting discussion, a few punches from one side to the other and finally the three newly arrived boys pointed their weapons at the other two. Meanwhile the two girls continued to sit inside the car.

When the two young men saw that the guns were pointed at them, they ran away and tried to escape.

However, they could not get very far as the other three youths unloaded several rounds of shots from behind and left them dead on the spot in a pool of their blood and sprayed with gunshots after being executed.

In the subsequent investigation, detectives from the DPD Homicide Division discovered, through security cameras at the Exxon Mobile gas station and the testimonies of witnesses, that the two girls who were in the first car ran to take shelter in the back seat of the Dodge Charger when the shooting started.

Luis González-Muñiz, 21, received bail of $ 1 million, as did the other three boys accused of capital murder. (Photos: Dallas Police Department)

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