YouTube temporarily suspended Donald Trump’s channel – .

The Google-owned YouTube site also removed a video uploaded to Donald Trump’s channel for “risk of violence.”

Suspension for at least seven days

After the suspension of Facebook and Instagram accounts Donald trump, Youtube also made a decision. The site has indeed suspended the channel of the American president for “at least seven days”. In the process, a video was deleted because of its content inciting violence. “In light of concerns about the current risk of violence, we have removed new content uploaded to Donald J. Trump’s channel for violating our policies.”, writes the platform, owned by Google, in a press release relayed by Europe1.

Hard blow for Donald Trump

For at least seven days, the chain Youtube of Donald trump is suspended from any new download of content. Before this approach, Facebook also suspended the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the President of the United States. This decision was taken after the violent intrusion of the United States Capitol by a crowd of his supporters in full certification of the electoral victory of Democrat Joe Biden. The biggest blow for the billionaire is the deletion of his Twitter account, his favorite platform. Other social networks like Snapchat and Twitch have also suspended the account of the US president.

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