Zaki Hannache, megaphone of a peaceful Algerian generation

From young apolitical dreaming of immigration to citizen committed to the liberation of prisoners of conscience in Algeria, the life of Zaki Hannache has “radically changed” after the first march of the popular Hirak movement on February 22, 2019 (see p. 12)

Got out “unintentionally”, like “automatism”, to join the unprecedented mobilization in the streets of Algiers, he suddenly felt concerned.

“It was the only solution not to have an undead in power”, he said, referring to the bedridden ex-president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who was running for a fifth term.

At 31, this industrial maintenance technician takes part in his first event. Constantly “plugged”, he discovered a new vocation: to inform public opinion about the prisoners of the movement.

His phone rings all the time. His Facebook profile has become an information platform in the face of the silence of public television and private channels close to power.

Daily in contact with activists, families of prisoners and lawyers, he collects and verifies information concerning arrests, the grounds for indictment or even the conditions of detention of critics of the regime.

It has gradually established a list of prisoners of conscience and thus becomes, like some NGOs, a source of information for journalists, associations and lawyers.

Zaki Hannache juggles with difficulty between his work in a public company and his commitment. “My family, my friends and even my colleagues tell me, but how long are we going to be afraid?”

While nearly 40 prisoners of conscience were released on the eve of the 2nd anniversary of the popular uprising, following a presidential pardon, around 30 others are still behind bars for acts related to Hirak and / or the individual freedoms, according to the young activist.

Become the megaphone of a peaceful generation, which overcame its fears in the face of commitment,

he came out of it grown up, with a political and civic apprenticeship, and determined to build the Algeria of tomorrow and to overthrow the old guard in power.

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