Zapatero asks the EU to separate from Trump and “commit” to Venezuela

Former Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has asked the European Union to “separate” from the policy of the US administration of Donald Trump with Venezuela and has urged it to do “a serene and calm reflection“on the non-recognition of the country’s legislative elections.

The former head of the Spanish Executive is in Venezuela as an international observer in the elections to the Venezuelan National Assembly that are held this Sunday.

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In a press conference, Zapatero recalled that “diplomacy is based on the peaceful resolution of conflicts“and he has ensured that the EU makes a reflection after the elections and evaluates what the” policy of sanctions and non-recognition “has served for. This, in his opinion,” may lead us to the greatest absurdity in the history of international law. “

For this reason, he has demanded that the European Union “commit” to Venezuela and “talk to everyone“In addition to separating from Trump’s policy on the country, which has accentuated, in his opinion, the economic and social crisis.

“That is critical and demanding in the democratic rules. To the maximum. But it is not part of the essence of the EU not to maintain a balanced position, to reject sanctions that harm citizens and not to try the maximum possible agreement,” he said. .

The former president of the Spanish Government has also asked the political opposition parties in Venezuela to decide not attend the legislative elections that “reflect and demand” and has valued the election day as “a step forward” which means “the beginning of the end of the worst moments that the country has lived.”

Zapatero recalled that the “national dialogue table” has been the “only stable reference” that has promoted changes in the National Electoral Council.

We know that imposition or sanctions no longer work. Only dialogue and votes, meeting and democratic deliberation are useful. There is no other way, “said Zapatero, who stressed that electoral day is” a step forward “and” the beginning of the end of the worst moments that Venezuela has lived, “of a”total conflict“and with” unfair and incomprehensible sanctions. “

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