Zidane removed Vinícius from the team for using his mobile during a technical talk

Vinicius has been one of the most disappointing at Real Madrid in recent months. Since his explosion in 2019, it was expected that the Brazilian was acquiring more and more stripes in the team, but far from that, he has gone fading and becoming more and more inconsequential in the white set. In fact, in recent times its impact on the team has been practically nil.

Luka Jovic with the Real Madrid shirt.

To get to last ownership you have to go back almost a month, in the match in which Zidane’s men beat Athletic 3-1 where Vinícius collaborated with a assistance. Even though it was starter in the critical phase of the season in which Madrid played their future in the Champions League and faced Sevilla and Atlético, in addition to the lions, their performance did not convince their coach.

Since then, in the next five games he has accumulated only 21 minutes in which he has barely been transcendent, remaining out of the call against Eibar and on the bench in the last match against Osasuna. The return of Hazard and the rebirth of Asensio have been ostracized, but according to recent reports, the Origin of the problem goes back to last season.

Specifically, the last game the whites played, against him Manchester City, in which he had a run-in with Zidane. The French coach, in his usual pre-game talk in which he announces the starting eleven, left Vinícius out of the headlines, who did not take it well at all and He picked up the mobile in response, ignoring the instructions of his coach.

However, ‘Zizou’s’ reply did not come at that time, but since then. Despite the defeat, Vinícius didn’t even warm up in that encounter and the French have been paying him this season with the same coin: ignorance. The Brazilian’s presence in the team has plummeted, something that has been shown, as we have mentioned, in the last matches in which he has hardly participated.

  • Zinedine Zidane, crestfallen in Kiev against Shakhtar.

His numbers have not served to change his mind to Zidane either. In the 21 matches in which he has participated, ten of them as a starter, he has only scored three goals and distributed three assists.

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