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Real Estate

Buying more affordable than renting in most of nation … barely

A recent report shows that buying may be cheaper than renting in many counties across the U.S. Locally, renting is still more affordable than...

Logistics & Infrastructure

Health Care



RTD launches Talk To Me Maps technology for visually impaired community

By NORA HESTON TARTE For those who are blind or visually impaired, public transit is often necessary. However, navigating the bus schedules and reading maps...

Public Health receives grant for child passenger safety

Public education regarding child passengers has received a boost from the state. San Joaquin County Public Health Services was recently awarded a grant of $85,700...

Demand for gasoline highest in October in 11 years

Despite the increasing costs of gas per gallon across the U.S., demand was the highest in October for over a decade. According to a AAA...


Tourism & Attractions

Stockton kicks off Restaurant Week

In 2018, Stockton Restaurant Week will be bigger than ever. The annual event, in its ninth year, welcomes foodies from all over to come and...

Carnegie Arts Center to exhibit 80 pieces through March

What better way to celebrate the Central Valley than to exhibit photos that highlight life in this area? The Carnegie Arts Center will be doing...

Report: California wage increase could lead to 400,000 jobs lost

On Jan. 1, minimum wage in California will rise to $11 per hour for businesses with 26 or more employees, and $10.50 per hour...