New York Life’s top agent shares productivity tips


paulsenSTOCKTON — The Westgate Center for Leadership at the University of the Pacific invited New York Life’s most productive agent, Rick Paulsen, to share his secrets for productivity at a free seminar in October.

Paulsen was No. 1 in sales and production for the New York Life insurance company in 2015. He out-produced agents in much larger cities such as New York and San Francisco. He says it’s simply not true that a person can’t be successful in the Central Valley.

“I haven’t been doing anything magical,” he said.

According to Paulsen success is all about preparation. Making a plan and following it consistently will set you apart from your competition, he said.

“The biggest cancer in business today is poor organizational skills,” he said.

He emphasized productive mornings. Paulsen gets up at 4 a.m. four days a week “to keep my edge.”

He urges people not to procrastinate and says those who do are only getting by.

Paulsen has a list of things he likes to do before 10 a.m. It includes exercising, taking care of family responsibilities and reviewing local and national news.

He said he also spends time working on his plan for the day, which could include setting goals, going over his schedule and getting difficult tasks out of the way early.

Paulsen makes three phone calls before 10 a.m. to create opportunities and build relationships.

“The people you call on will be the people you sell,” he said.

Paulsen also advised that building relationships requires a commitment to being professional and, well, nice.

“Little things like written thank-you notes mean a lot,” he said.

He recommends complimenting and showing respect to anyone who helps you with your business.


  1. I’ve Rick Paulsen and he left an very positive impact on the start of my career. He followed up with an encouragement call and it really added some when behind my sales. I’m Looking forward to joining him at the top one day!


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