California dairies donate food relief to hurricane victims


Dairies in California have donated 70,000 pounds of dairy foods to victims in the hurricane-ravaged southeast portion of the U.S.

The California Milk Advisory Board, located in Tracy, spearheaded the donations in conjunction with dairy farmers throughout the state.

“We farmers. Nourishing people is what we do. We couldn’t stand by when so many people are in need,” said Dante Migliazzo, chairmain of CMAB and a dairy farmer himself. “Wanting to join in the relief effort, we reached out to the dairy processor community, the folks who turn our milk into nutritious dairy foods, in the hopes of doing something.”

Migliazzo said within days two trucks were loaded and ready to deliver the 70,000 pounds to the Treasure Coast Food Bank in Fort Pierce, Florida and the Houston Food Bank.

Treasure Coast received 861 cases of cheese, 590 cases of crema, 2,736 bottles of protein drink, 5,50 servings of yogurt and 1,440 servings of drinkable yogurt. The Houston Food Bank received 37,884 packages of Cacique cheese to distribute to more than 600 hunger-relief charities.


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