At this point, when we are only a month away from WWDC 2020, it would be normal for us to start encountering some small leaks about the next versions of system software. In the end, Apple needs to test its new updates before launching public tests, and sometimes those types of tests become somewhat uncontrollable. However, this year the leaks began months ago, and in a big way.

For example, important news appeared in early March with respect to the list of news of iOS 14. Specifically, diagrams were known about a new home screen that could have widgets, along with new features of the Casa app, the possible arrival of an augmented reality app to offer information about the world around us, or even the integration of third-party wallpapers in the Settings app. And the information did not stop flowing.

Over the past few months, even more truthful-looking details have been unveiled, both about the software and hardware of the company’s future products. And all of this has a reason: one of the early builds of iOS 14 has been circulating on the internet for months. According to reports from Vice, their sources indicate that some hackers from the community managed to access it by acquiring an iPhone 11 that contained a December version.

Thereafter, hackers who took over the original device they copied the build and started distributing their code through the network, thus reaching different media, security researchers, among others. Since then, the code has continued to circulate, as they have been able to verify from Vice, that they could get a copy of it, although they deleted it after checking its authenticity. And it is that, after so many years, we all know that it is not a good idea to get into these things.

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Apple has already suffered in the past several important leaks, such as the iPhone 4, whose prototype ended up in the hands of the press before launch. And in all cases, there have been significant legal retaliations, not only for those responsible for these acts, but also for those who have been tempted to access these leaked codes and publish information on products under development.

And it is that, in the end, it is the work of many people, which is exposed to the public when it is not yet ready. Months of hard effort, dedicated to ensuring that when the day of the presentation arrives everything works perfectly, which are useless after this type of leak. Luckily, we can’t take anything for granted yet, since one of the things we know about this copy is that dates from the end of last year. And a few months are enough to bring about many changes.

Next June, specifically on the 22nd, we will have the opportunity to attend the first WWDC to be held online. An event that the whole community can share from start to finish, where we will know all the news of the next versions of Apple’s operating systems. We may even be able to take a look at some of their future products as well. And it will be there we will also be able to know the day when we will be able to throw the glove on the first public beta.

Only then will we know for sure if all the leaks were correct and, above all, if Apple has not decided to make changes based on them. In the past, it was learned that Apple had changed the way of developing its new updates, and if a function was not ready, they would not include it. For this precise reason, it is possible that in the next keynote on June 22 we will see how some of the functions that were rumored disappear, or how new ones come onto the scene.

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For this reason, let’s keep some hope. Whether big or small, if there is something that we have insured with Apple it is the surprises. Let’s just hope that this leak, which many in the community rate as one of the worst to date, hasn’t ruined the best news from WWDC 2020.