Breaks down in tears, Adal Ramones tells Yordi when they took his freedom

Breaks down in tears, Adal Ramones tells Yordi when they took away his freedom (INSTAGRAM)

Breaks down in tears, Adal Ramones tells Yordi when they took his freedom | INSTAGRAM

The famous host and former producer in Another roll, Yordi Rosado has a YouTube channel in which he has been doing interviews with various artists and people in the field for several months, this time one of the most anticipated came the moment when he interviewed his former co-worker and great friend ; Adal Ramones.

If you’ve seen some of the interviews from Yordi Rosado you will know that he is an expert in reaching the hearts of his guests and more importantly in helping them to express themselves and to extract some moments from their lives that they do not often manage to mention or reveal to the media or in their lives.

This time Adal Ramones He was in charge of talking about one of the most difficult moments of his life and all this thanks to the great trust he has with Yordi Rosado since he came fully prepared to open his heart and give us this excellent piece of entertainment that has truly intrigued and us has kept all netizens on the edge of their seats.

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It’s about the time they deprived of liberty Adal Ramones a song in which he was the victim of one of the most traumatic and strongest criminal activities, but at the same time very frequent in the country Mexico: the s3cuestr0.

In case you did not know, Adal Ramones went through this and we began with the story by temporarily locating ourselves when the famous host of the entertainment program Otro Rollo who was already working on that project was in premarital talks with his ex-wife Gaby, just after having had an argument thanks to the tension caused by the wedding.

Ramones had bought a very luxurious truck being one of his first achievements as a driver and feeling very happy about it, however, he did not expect what was going to happen because he was waiting in his truck when suddenly some men arrived and took him to cannon tip.

For obvious reasons, Adal Ramones remembers all this with great pain and we were able to observe him shed some tears with his great friend who was listening to him attentively. The famous spoke that he was very concentrated at this time listening to every detail that could be useful for his rescue, which in fact were vital data to be able to rescue him.

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Adal says that he could have mentioned Yordi as his reference for the kidnappers but that as he was such a friend of him he preferred to choose Memo del Bosque, producer of the program, who was in charge of having the conversation with them.

It was about some fans of Adal Ramones, who confessed it to him after having him captured for 7 days and who carried out this activity to get some money and thus escape with it when they got it.

We highly recommend that you observe the interview in case it interests you, since although we tell you the most important, the details and the way the interview happens are very valuable.

Yordi Rosado is doing a high quality job and Adal Ramones managed to talk about this for his fans, which is one of his strongest anecdotes in life and that even left him with consequences and left him very affected for months.

Adal considers it therapeutic to be able to open up in this way and thanked Yordi for everything, continuing his talk so interesting that it is well worth listening to.

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