Chicago : More than 1,500 guests arrive at the White House, without face masks and without social distancing – .

The closing speech of the Republican Convention of President Donald Trump, in which he accepted the presidential nomination, was made before a crowd estimated at 1,500 people, who packed the gardens of the White House, without masks and without respecting social distancing.

What happened on Thursday at the presidential residence contradicts the health protocols that establish the use of masks and social distancing to minimize the spread of the coronavirus in the midst of a pandemic that has caused more than 181,000 deaths in the United States.

The guests, among whom were relatives of the president, members of his cabinet, officials and relatives, spoke and greeted each other with hugs and kisses, without respecting the protocols to combat COVID-19 that keeps the entire country in check.

Another stinging issue was the holding of the closing ceremony of the Republican Convention in the White House since presidents do not usually and should not hold partisan events in government buildings.

The issue generated controversy and was rejected by the hundreds of protesters who gathered near the White House.

The Republican Convention was held virtually in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The president closed the Convention from the White House.

Trump accepted the party nomination to the jubilation of those who packed the White House gardens, with a speech with strong criticism of his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden.