Come back with everything! Paty Navidad opens a new Twitter account – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Come back with everything!  Paty Navidad opens a new Twitter account (Reformation)

Come back with everything! Paty Navidad opens a new Twitter account | Reform

The controversial actress Paty Christmas She dedicated a message to people who hate her on Instagram, where she also shared the photograph of her new account, as it seems that absolutely nothing and no one stops her.

To Paty Navidad the controversy that was generated after the suspension of your account in Twitter He did what the wind did to Juárez, since the actress returned to the social network and showed it off on her official Instagram account.

And it is that after the company decided to disable the Christmas account because of its way of thinking about the health contingency and its support for the president of the United States, she used her official Instagram account to keep in touch with her followers to whom he announced his return to Twitter with a video and a message where he talks about censorship.

In this message, she addressed all those who love her and those who also hate her, but she invited everyone to never give up or be afraid to freely and with strength begin a new path and sent blessings.

I have news for all those who love or hate me, what do you think? I already have a new account on Twitter that misses me so much. @patynavidadnew. Here next to you I leave the photo of the account that it is, since the blue dove flew and does not appear there … “, he began writing.

From the last messages that the actress in the account that was suspended was where she pointed out that some of her relatives were cured of the coronavirus thanks to some guava and aspirin that were taken to finish later ensuring that the C0vid was “the same flu of all the years that is mutated every two years. “

After this, Christmas He moved his complaints to his Instagram account where he assured that the lie is not the one that is censored but the truth and that is why he explained that people who do not obey or those who try to think for themselves are the ones who will be criticized and censored.

In this publication, Paty Navidad assured her followers that they want to steal even oxygen from us to sell it in tanks, for that reason she asked everyone not to be afraid to think and question everything.

As you may recall, since the C0VID-19 pandemic began, the Sinaloa actress used her Twitter account to share her ideas about the coronavirus, the new world order, the dangers of the C0VID-19 vaccine and that she was in favor of the re-election of D0nald Truwp. Ideas that were not always very well received by Internet users.

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In fact, the latest statements by the actress and the cancellation of her Twitter account were the cause of jokes, even from colleagues in the entertainment world such as Eugenio Derbez.

The comedian shared a video on his official Twitter account in which he took the opportunity to make a pun with the Christmas surname.

And it is that in the tweet, Derbez says that who “ended” with “Christmas” was the social network and not the Christmas villain who tries to prevent the celebration of the Who.

So much so that “The Grinch” tried to end Christmas … and it was Twitter who ended it, “Derbez wrote in the post.

Then Paty Christmas she concluded with a message for those who always attack her on social networks: “Everyone gives what they have in their heart, those who only know how to insult and attack, it is because that is the only thing they have inside.”

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