Discord is now available on PlayStation 5, follow these steps to use it

Discord, the VolP voice chat and instant messaging service that works across servers and is separated into text or voice channels, is now available for consoles PlayStation 5 (PS5) and here we will explain how to use it.

“Gamers can now join Discord voice chats and chat with friends on most gaming platforms. To do this, they will need to link Discord and PlayStation Network accounts from PS5, PlayStation.com, or the Discord app on Windows, Mac, or mobile,” Sony wrote in the recent firmware update notes for its next-generation console.

A report published on the website of hypertextual explains that although Discord is already available on PS5, it has some limitations. For example, you will have to transfer the calls to your console using the service application on your PC or mobile, which means that the call cannot be initiated from the console. Also, the text function is not available.

Although the previous limitation seems a serious matter, it is likely that in the future PlayStation will include the possibility of calling from the Play. When Discord came to Xbox in 2022, it started out this way too, but now users of Microsoft consoles can initiate calls from their video game system.

The report highlights that, on the PS5, the integration with Discord runs great. Regardless of the console or device your friends use, you will be able to talk to them through the dedicated application that they have released for PS5

Other news on PS5

In the console software release 7 notes, Sony highlighted other new features:

  • Variable Refresh Rate Support for 1440p: “Smoother visual performance can now be enjoyed when using a TRV compliant HDMI 2.1 display at 1440p resolution when playing a TRV compliant title. Results may vary depending on the game being played.”
  • Migration of saved data from PS4 to PS5: “It makes it easier to access PS5 saved data on PS4.”
  • PS5 to PS5 data transfer: “PS5 console data such as saved games, data, user settings, screenshots or videos can now be easily transferred to another PS5 console via Wi-Fi or LAN cable.”