First 3D Printed House Presented in Just 48 Hours

This house printed in just 48 hours It demonstrates the speed and effectiveness of a building technique that claims to be seven times faster and cost half the cost of building a brick house.

With three rooms and a living area of ​​43 square meters, the Prvok od Burinky house will be built layer by layer using a reused robot arm from the automotive industry. This arm will deposit a specially formulated concrete, made of mixed nano-polypropylene fibers, plasticizers and setting accelerators, at a rate of 15 cm per second. The walls will be printed with inner and outer layers, and the center will be filled with insulating material. The structure can be printed in 24-48 hours (this concrete will have the standard hardness of the foundation of the house) and it takes about 28 days to fully solidify, to the point where it is as strong as a bridge.

Its self-sufficient and eco-friendly features include a green roof, a recirculating shower and drinking tanks, utilities, and sewer. As an amazing fact, the 3D printed floating house is expected to have a lifespan of at least 100 years, regardless of the environment. When it expires, the building material can be crushed and reprinted; that is, recycled.

The design will consist of three rooms: a living room with a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. The house is also designed to be partially self-sufficient and suitable for year-round living. According to the company, the printed case of the house is three times stronger than traditional concrete.