Gloria Estefan reveals she had COVID-19

No one is exempt from the contagion of COVID-19, a disease that for a year has had the whole world in suspense. Although advances for a vaccine seem promising, the reality is that there is still no cure and the only way to prevent it is proper hygiene and maintaining a distance of six feet from people. Gloria Estefan is the most recent case of celebrities to confess victims of the Coronavirus, which she is sure she contracted on a dinner out.

Despite being very careful to avoid getting sick, there was a time when Gloria was vulnerable. “October 30 was the only time I left home and the reason I share this is because I want you to know how highly contagious it is,” he said to his audience.

Lili Estefan’s aunt recalled that three or four members of her family went out to dinner that night and although she made sure to wear a mask, the virus reached her system, but not that of her companions. “The only thing I can imagine is that someone came up to me when I was eating and patted me on the shoulder. He was very close and he wasn’t wearing a mask. He said nice things to me, but it’s the only thing I’ve done outside for months, “he explained.

Emily Estefan and her girlfriend Gemeny Hernandez© @ holagemenyAlthough Gloria Estefan was opposed to COVID-19, her family is safe

On November 5, Emilio Estefan’s wife realized that she had contracted the virus when she was eating at home and the chicken her chef had prepared was tasteless. A day later his breakfast was also tasteless, and the soup he had had no aroma. “Then I started to get scared, like everyone else, because fear is a big part of all this,” he said.

A recovery at home and away from your loved ones

After taking the test on November 8, Gloria confirmed her suspicions when the test result came back positive. “I locked myself on the second floor of my house for two weeks and didn’t let anyone go upstairs,” he explained about his recovery.

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