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The dance of names to replace henry cavill as Superman seems to have come to an end. Jack Black revealed that he will be the successor of the British at the request of James Gunn, and was even shown in the Man of Steel suit.

Gunn lamented: “I thought we agreed to save the news for ComicCon.”

Obviously, all in a joking tone. Black and Gunn played into the theme on Instagram, with the comedian donning the DC hero’s suit on social media.

In the video, Black is shown resting at home when he gets a call from Gunn, asking him to be Superman. “I have already played many superheroes in life,” said the actor who played Nacho Libre and the voice of Kung Fu Panda, rejecting the offer at first.

“What the hell! Here I am ”, he would answer later, showing that he was in Superman’s characteristic suit all the time, including the red cape.

In the montage, Jack Black appears with several of the protector of Metropolis’ powers, including flight and shooting laser beams from his eyes.

And for the effect of the flight, he had a very special collaborator: his father, dressed to go on safari.

Next, we leave you the hilarious video of Jack Black as Superman.

Who will really be the new Superman?

Since the departure of Henry Cavill at the end of 2022, by decision of James Gunn, the DC universe is in search of the new Man of Steel.

The interest is to relaunch his story practically from the beginning, so there has been talk of a young Superman. One of the rumors points to jacob elordi (Euphoria) as Clark Kent’s new alter ego, but Gunn said the tests were not complete.

It is expected that this year the new actor who plays the main hero of DC will be revealed.

For his part, Jack Black enjoys his presence in the animated Super Mario Bros. The Movie, where he gives voice to Bowser, the villain of the Nintendo video game. The premiere is expected in early April in all movie theaters around the world.