In Jennifer Lopez concert, they claim He did not wear anything underneath!

At Jennifer Lopez's concert, they say she did not wear anything underneath! (AFP)

In Jennifer Lopez concert, they claim He did not wear anything underneath! | .

The singer of Puerto Rican origin Jennifer Lopez Also known as Jlo or the Diva from the Bronx, she always surprises her fans, especially in her spectacular concerts, however some of her fans remember her for one she gave where she appeared without clothes under her dress.

Known for being a diva and her excellent taste for fashion Jennifer Lynn Lopez Rodríguez known internationally as Jennifer Lopez always shows an impressive wardrobe, whether she is at a gala event, doing her shopping or at her concerts, which are known to always be magnos.

In case you didn’t know, Jennifer began her career when she was only 17 years old, although she was participating in small projects, it was not until 1997 that her fame soared after she made the biographical film of the singer Selena two years after to take his life, from that moment the name of Jennifer Lopez began to be more recognized and the upcoming projects as well as the music were a success.

Today the name Jennifer Lopez is synonymous with longevity, talent, beauty, entrepreneurship and wealth, not only has she dedicated herself to acting and music where she has obviously been doing very well, but she decided to venture into the world of music. entrepreneurship, also becoming a born businesswoman and perfumer.

A few years ago a video was shared where the protagonist of “The Wedding Planner” appeared in one of her concerts alongside the group Gente de Zona, together they have a song in common entitled “Ni tú ni yo”, which they were performing in said presentation.

The video was shared on July 1, 2017, and has the title: “Jennifer Lopez Without Underwear in Real Concert !!”, it was shared on the YouTube channel called: YouTube Nights with Regina Blue, we’ll share it with you right away.

In the video the beautiful girl is shown Jennifer Lopez singing along with the members of Gente de Zona, the interpreter of “Jenni from the block” was wearing her long and loose hair, the interesting thing was her outfit was a dress designed by Michael Costello.

The piece that the singer, businesswoman and actress was wearing was black, with a detail along the length and in front of some golden applications, it was an interesting pattern that was formed, however, what took the night were the openings that It had the front that reached to the waist, on both sides, they immediately affirm in the video that Jennifer Lopez did not wear underwear under the dress, it is also mentioned that she herself opened the dress more so that her admirers could see her.

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Given this, several Internet users immediately came to his defense and others began to delight the pupil with the images.

Stop the scandal. It is a type of interior that comes with the average “Alba López wrote a netizen.

Although in effect it seems that she is not wearing anything because of her cut in the dress, as some admirers of Jennifer Lopez There are some interiors that can be used specifically for this type of outfit, as they are made for them precisely.

There is a type of tights for the color of the skin but that can be used in that type of dresses that is, everything looks the same color as your skin, even the tail but it has tights “wrote Rebelia another netizen.

Although it is clear that Jennifer Lopez would not ignore this type of event, it is more than clear that this type of attitude is not typical of her, so wearing stockings with underwear included is the most typical of JLo However, the delight of seeing her cannot be avoided.

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