In which case will France oppose its “veto” to a post-Brexit trade agreement? – .

In the absence of a compromise, Brexit could be discussed at the European summit on December 10-11 in Brussels, while the end of the transition period will be December 31, 2020.

The possibility of a no-deal

The UK and the EU have yet to reach an agreement as the transition period from Brexit will end on December 31, 2020. Secretary of State for European Affairs Clément Beaune said on Friday that France will oppose its “veto” to a post-Brexit trade agreement in the event that certain requirements will not comply. “If there was an agreement that was not good (…), we would oppose it”, he said on Europe1 noting that each country had the right of veto. The Secretary of State then warned of the risk of a non-agreement and urged them to prepare for it.

What happens if there is no agreement?

Three points are always a sticking point in post-trade negotiations.Brexit between the European Union and the United Kingdom. These are the access of European fishermen to British waters, the guarantees demanded in London in terms of competition and how to settle disputes in the future agreement, details Le Figaro. If the two parties do not find any agreement to govern their relationship, trade will be established under the sole rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO), synonymous with customs duties or quotas. A government source in the United Kingdom said that the new unexpected elements brought by the European Union in the negotiations could allow a “breakthrough”.

If there is no compromise, the Brexit would be on the menu for the European summit on December 10-11 in Brussels. According to several European sources, Germany and the European Commission want an agreement “at all costs”. On the other hand, for certain Member States, in particular those most concerned by an agreement with the United Kingdom on fisheries such as France, Denmark, the Netherlands or Belgium, a “no deal” would be beneficial rather than “a bad deal “.

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