Miami : Arrested with the help of infrared cameras – .

Using infrared aerial cameras, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office arrested three men accused of committing various robberies and other crimes in Southwest Florida.

The arrests took place this past Friday, September 11, for this purpose this increasingly recurrent advanced technology was put into practice in the operations of the county police authorities.

“With this great technology, you can run, but you can’t hide,” says Sheriff Carmine Marceno.

The sheriff says that the criminal investigation division launched the operation with the air units to find the whereabouts of the suspects in a series of vehicle and home thefts in the cities of Fort Myers and Lehigh Acres. In the images, it is observed how two subjects are captured by infrared cameras, according to the police, they were caught on the spot while committing a robbery

When the eye is up there, we know exactly what you are doing, where you are, it could be two or three in the morning, it will be dark, we will identify you between the trees or in the grass, where you think you can go, you cannot escape says Marceno.