Miami : Supporters of Alvaro Uribe, make a caravan in Miami demanding his freedom –

The cry for freedom was heard in Miami this Sunday, when hundreds of supporters of former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe organized a motorcade in repudiation of his arrest.

The political arm of former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, was present in the streets of Miami in a clamor “for the freedom of Uribe”

Sandra Olguin, a supporter of Uribe, said that they have him in prison, “those who should be in prison are those bunch of criminals, murderers and rapists.

The motorcade in support of Uribe began at 11:30 in the morning in Doral, Central Park, until it concluded in front of the Colombian consulate in Coral Gables.

“Colombia is not divided, there is a fracture in the judicial system, the cry of Colombians is that there is true justice,” said Juan David Vélez, a congressman for Colombians abroad.

Fabio Andrade, organizer of the caravan, said that “this shows the whole world that we are an Uribe people.”

With the most powerful politician in Colombia under house arrest, the South American nation relives the intense political fragmentation that it has tried to overcome for years.

Luis Plazas Vega, a retired colonel from Colombia, believes that “we are facing minorities, terrorists financed by drug trafficking who are currently holding the most important leader in prison.”

“It is time to open our eyes more, so people do not want to see that almost 90% of all Uribe’s cabinet is in jail, it is dirty” warn some Colombians.

Colombia’s Supreme Court is trying to determine whether Uribe participated in bribery, fraud and witness tampering in an effort to influence the testimony of an alleged paramilitary.

Other residents of Bogotá support what happened: “I believe that all the decisions of the courts must be respected and above all I celebrate this decision made for my country.”

Wilfredo Wilchez, a Colombian resident in Miami, explains: “Our magistrates are the same lawyers that drug traffickers had in their time and now they are magistrates, that is the reality of Colombia.”

Thus, Colombia is immersed in a new political crisis that at this moment has no way out.

Alvarado Uribe is being held at the El Ubérrimo farm in northern Colombia. On Wednesday, people from his close environment announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and clarified that he was not serious.