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It seems that Microsoft has been watching Black Mirror, as it just patented technology that could bring the dead back to life in a very disturbing way.

Instead of taking it as a warning, it seems that Microsoft decided to take Black Mirror as a role model, as a business plan that it would like to carry out, perhaps to make its customers more miserable, Well, apparently forcing the use of their products like Microsoft Edge is not enough. Monsters

And I am very serious when I say that you want to make your customers and users suffer for an eternity without the opportunity to close circles, Well, they took an idea from the first episode of season 2 of Black Mirror, where we are shown a case similar to this.

A patent from beyond the grave

Microsoft has literally filed a patent that involves being able to revive a loved one in real life, all through a software that allows you to create chatbots of any person, seriously.

The way in which this would be done is very similar to what has been seen in the aforementioned series, since conversations, photographs, tweets, voice messages would be taken into account and everything that can be taken from a certain person to create a digital clone that speaks and acts like this through a computer.

You could literally make a copy of yourself or a journalist who is no longer with us. You could even copy people who are still alive. That is terrifyingly scary.

First of all, not letting go of close people who have passed away is an intensely bad problem, as it prevents us from continuing with our lives in a natural process of overcoming, causing thousands or millions of people to become dependent on their equipment, because now they would not only be an escape from reality, it would be a replacement for it. Well remember that you could also see that person in 3D and hear their voice.

And secondly, creating digital clones of a living person also sounds very bad, because they could try to replace you with software on an emotional level. Definitely, Be that as it may, this proves that we are in a Cyberpunk world and that Black Mirror is again predicting the future.

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