NBA : The ugliest sneakers in the NBA


In the world of the NBA, it’s all about the result or performance that matters. The “fashion victims” are everywhere, and equipment manufacturers compete in ingenuity to attract the spotlight on their proteges.

There was a time when Converse reigned supreme on board. But, attracted by the prospect of a market to say the least attractive and lucrative, all the equipment manufacturers have gradually engulfed in the breach of the sneakers. Nike, adidas, Peak, Reebok, Jordan Brand,… they are all now fighting to find the rare pearl likely to sell as many accessories or sneakers as possible to the general public.

The Kobe or LeBron, it works hard

The benchmark in this area is obviously Michael Jordan, whom Nike was able to convince before creating a parallel brand that has now become essential. Since then, many headliners have dedicated models, such as Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, the late Kobe Bryant, the former pivot Shaquille O’Neal, or LeBron James of course.

Jordan Brand got their hands on Zion

Jordan Brand executives, again, may have once again hit the jackpot by signing the phenomenon drafted by the New Orleans Pelicans, Zion Williamson, described as the future LeBron James in a way, a winger with an imposing physique capable however to be very explosive and to occupy a position of leader. The spectacular Ja Morant, of the Memphis Grizzlies, landed him within the comma mark. However, signing a big contract with a renowned equipment manufacturer does not necessarily guarantee wearing tasteful sneakers …

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