New York : Hispanics escape from prison tying sheets to the window to go down 12 floors, like in the movies

One broke his leg while jumping and the other managed to flee for a few hours in Oklahoma

Pablo Robledo in 2019

Photo: Oklahoma County Detention Center. / Courtesy

Like in the movies, Two inmates tied sheets and managed to escape through their cell window from a 12th floor in Oklahoma.

They were identified as Pablo Robledo (34) and his cellmate, José Hernández. They both fled early yesterday morning and They were at large for a few hours, until they were located and arrested again.

Just before 7 am the Oklahoma City Police Department notified the Oklahoma County Detention Center (OCDC) that Hernandez had been found wounded.

Authorities believe Hernández he broke his leg after jumping when he had descended to the 4th floor. He was transferred to a hospital, ABC News reported.

Hours later, around 2:25 pm, it was reported that Robledo had been detained.

Records show that Robledo was arrested since June 2019 awaiting trial on charges including homicide in the first degree, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and minor crimes of domestic abuse.