New York : Jessica Carrillo without consolation: Her father dies

New York :

Jessica Carrillo without consolation: Her father dies

Jessica Carrillo.

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Jessica Carrillo without consolation. This 2020 brought her to be able to fulfill the most longed-for dream: to be a mother. But it just gave him the biggest pain, this Monday, December 8, his father passed away.

Through her Instagram account, the journalist herself confirmed the information by writing the following:

“God gave me the greatest gift this year, but he also took away my first love and a piece of my soul goes with him, my beautiful Daddy guides us today from heaven 🙌🏽🙏🏽 leaves an immense emptiness in our hearts but his 9 children, my mom and 25 grandchildren will live forever in each one of us! It is a very hard blow that only God and time can alleviate a bit, what comforts us is knowing that he lived a full and happy life and that he saw us grow as people and professionals and we made him feel proud and loved. I stay with all your teachings, your words, your SMILE, YOUR RIMES AND POETRY your songs and whistles (because it was always like that) I will always think of you especially when it rains because I know how much you enjoyed watching it rain 🌧 Thank God you could see me fulfilled like mom and was always in the moments that I need it the most and in the happiest too. I LOVE him INFINITELY Papi, Profe, Don Evangelino, Vangelio will live eternally in our hearts ❤️ “, wrote accompanying him with several photos, one of her the dream that she could meet Matías, her grandson.

Her father, a man very present in her life, had come to visit her in Miami, along with her mother, to be at the moment of Matías’s birth, that is how she could see the apple of her eyes pregnant and then meet the baby .

Although no details have been given of the causes of Don Evangelino’s death, we learned that Jessica’s father would have contracted COVID-19 and that this would have complicated his health.

Rest in peace Don Evangelino, and much resignation for Jessica and her family.

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