New York : Selena Gómez is a freer woman after talking about her mental problems

New York :

Selena Gomez He has been openly expressing himself for some years about his psychological ups and downs, as was evident in his last and successful album ‘Rare’, after having tried to hide them for much of his life in order to project that damaging image of absolute perfection that the industry used to demand. of American entertainment. Thanks to this change of course, the interpreter has gained high levels of “freedom” since then and has found that the best way to cope with setbacks is to be able to talk about them and analyze them in depth.

I think when you can talk about it, you are less scared. So I would say that I have gained a lot of freedom since I started to approach it this way. There was a time in my life when I felt different, like I didn’t understand why I was reacting the way I was. I was wondering, ‘Why do I feel this way and no one else does?’ I had to do a great job to understand that part ”, confessed the former Disney star in the framework of a virtual event organized by Teen Vogue magazine.

The artist and also designer has taken advantage of the platform that the publication has offered her to encourage her younger followers to share without fear and without prejudice those concerns that affect their self-esteem and emotional stability, since communication is, in his opinion, one of the essential therapeutic dynamics to be able to solve problems and gain quality of life.

“I think my career and my personal trajectory have been very marked by very specific moments. When I suddenly realized the importance of talking and expressing your emotions, I did my best to let the people around me know that being open about each other’s feelings was great for learning to deal with them. And now I’m obsessed with getting everyone to do the same ”, she explained.

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