Spotify announces that it will replace the heart icon to add songs to the library

Spotify’s love for its heart icon has ended and it has replaced it with a different one, although it might seem more logical that it seems to add songs to the library by pressing a plus (+) symbol.

In a blog postthe Swedish company announced that it is rolling out an update that changes the long-standing heart icon used to add a song to your library to a plus icon.

Spotify says it’s making the switch because it “gives users an easier way to save their favorite music and podcasts.”

“We are consolidating the heart icon and the “Add to playlist” icon into a single symbol: the Plus (+) button. When you press More (+), you can save and choose the destination of any song, playlist or podcast with a simple touch. This update is the latest step in our ongoing work to create a more intuitive experience, all of which leads to an easier way to interact with the music and podcasts you love.”

How the button will work

According to a report published on the website of BGRthis is how the button will work on songs, albums, playlists and more:

  • Tap to save: To save a song or podcast episode, tap the Plus (+) button to the right of the song or episode title in Now Playing view. After your choice has been successfully added to Songs You Like or Your Episodes, the Plus (+) will turn into a green tick. You can change the destination of your saved content by tapping on the green tick.
  • Easily add an entire album to your library: Just click the Plus (+) button to add your favorite album, playlist, or audiobook to your library. You will see the green check mark once it has been added successfully.


You may not see the change in your app yet. Spotify points out that it is rolling out the update to iOS and Android users from February 27, but that it will reach all users in the “coming weeks”.