The best hiking trails in the world

If you like to go for a walk in the bush, surely you are familiar with the marks of the GR or Long Distance Trails, which consist of two lines (one red and one white) that indicate that you are traveling on an approved road that exceeds 50 kilometers and in which safety, signaling, information and maintenance are guaranteed. In Spain there are more than 200 GR trails that are maintained by the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing, and these in turn are part of the Network of European Long Distance Trails.

Walks in the mountains have inspired great geniuses and thinkers like Henry David Thoreau. In addition, taking a walk in the open air has many benefits: it helps to release stress and anxiety, it allows you to enjoy nature and discover new places, and it is very rewarding to be able to go far simply by walking, without the need for any type of vehicle.

Many hikers start out with day trips. However, sometimes a single day falls short, especially if we have to get back to where we started. Therefore, if you have several free days, it is highly recommended to embark on an adventure and take a route of more kilometers. For it, You need to plan your trip well and choose starting and ending points that are well connected by public transport. You also have to think about the nights: a comfortable option is to go to a town every day and sleep there, which allows you to walk with less load in your backpack. However, the thrill of camping in the middle of nature and waking up in a silent and lonely landscape is more than attractive. To do this, you should think about the tent, bag and everything you will need, in addition to informing yourself about the regulations for free camping or spending the night in the places where you plan to stop.

In Spain there are many GR trails scattered throughout the geography and a lot of information on the internet and in specialized guides to prepare your trip. However, if you want to see the world and reach more distant places, here we leave you an aperitif with some of the most famous, beautiful and recommended hiking routes in the world. To enjoy!