the tracks of the Hérault senator Henri Cabanel

La Tribune – What are the known figures on the suicide of farmers in France?

Henri Cabanel – This will be the object of our work because everyone gives their own and we have to bring clarity. The most recent known by Santé Publique France are those from 2015, which is inconceivable … According to the MSA (Agricultural Social Mutuality, NDLR), there would be 604 per year. But we are asking for efforts on clarification, in particular because farmers who end their days off the farm are not counted.

Why this choice to work on this painful question?

Everyone shares the feeling that farmers are doing badly, and being myself a winegrower in the Hérault, I did not see how to put my hand in front of my eyes and close my ears! My group (RDSE, editor’s note) was kind enough to include it in the parliamentary debate when it was a taboo subject … The deputy Olivier Damaisin (LREM, Lot-et-Garonne, NDLR) submitted a report on this topic in December, but we asked the department to wait until we were finished. We are entering the last phase: after having toured the institutions, ministries and unions, we are going into the hard …

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