The US imposes sanctions on Russia, China, Cuba and Venezuela

15 minutes. The US imposed on Thursday more sanctions linked to US technologies and other activities carried out by individuals to prevent, ultimately, the military intelligence industry of China, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela and Iran from obtaining benefits.

Likewise, according to the US Department of Commerce, they also tightened sanctions to prevent Americans from supporting gun programs of unauthorized mass destruction. These include weapons launch systems and weapons production facilities.

The controls will also impact companies in North Korea and Syria. These will focus on intermediation in the sale of articles of foreign origin or the provision of maintenance, repair or revision services.

Additionally, the Commerce Department expanded the US export license requirement for military intelligence uses in China, Russia and Venezuela. These go beyond the listed items subject to existing military end use and end user.

Secure controls

In parallel, the United States is reviewing end-use controls related to chemical and biological weapons, rocket systems and unmanned aerial vehicles.

“We cannot allow the foreign military and intelligence organizations of our adversaries in China, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela and Iran and other countries that support terrorism to benefit from US technology or services to carry out their destabilizing activities. “said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

“We must ensure our controls to prevent Americans, wherever they are based, from supporting activities related to unauthorized weapons of mass destruction programs around the world,” he added, noting that this movement strengthens the national security of the United States.

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