This is how Chicote manages to control his nerves by recording ‘Nightmare in the kitchen’ and ‘Are you going to eat it?’

Apart from his talent in the kitchen, Alberto Chicote has earned his fame thanks to his ability to maintain his composure in the face of the most tense moments he has experienced in some of his programs such as ‘Nightmare in the kitchen’. The chef visited ‘laSexta noche’ to talk about the chapter on ‘Are you going to eat it?’ which deals with the fifth-range products that some restaurants sell as « homemade ». During the Interview, Iñaki López wanted to know what was the trick that the guest had to control his emotions before these uncomfortable moments.

Alberto Chicote in ‘laSexta Noche’

It is true that the chef has had to face really complicated situations where some of the participants in his programs have come to confront him. The chef has explained that mainly he tries to « stay as calm as possible and keep things from getting out of hand. » « If when people come with their spirits on, you light up, it’s worse », has stated. Therefore, both he and the teams in charge of creating these spaces try to ask « with the greatest humility possible » to avoid problems. In case people do not want to give their testimony, they leave the site.

As an example of one of those tense moments that the presenter of the Antena 3 Bells has experienced, ‘laSexta Noche’ has put a video of a conversation that the cook had with some witnesses related to the subject of relabeling, one of the « most serious » scams the chef has ever seen: « There are many people who are involved in garlic. It is evident that everyone knows a very fraudulent practice that is doing a lot of damage to the people who are working in the field, in the greenhouses of Almería, and it seems that nobody is interested in solving and I do not understand why, « said Chicote.

Chicote complains about restrictions in hospitality

Taking advantage of his intervention in ‘laSexta Noche’, Alberto Chicote wanted to denounce the treatment that the sector is receiving with the restrictions imposed by the Government to reduce the expansion of the coronavirus: « Many people who have their business closed right now, or open with limitation capacity, their perplexity is because it is not yet known why it seems that the hospitality industry is the cause of all evil« .

« As soon as contagions rise, the first thing is to close the hospitality industry. I think that makes most of the population see that visiting the restaurant, bar or tavern is the main source of infections. I still do not see any type of data that indicate that this is so « , has launched the chef, who considers that « In many establishments the rules are respected much more than in people’s own homes ».

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