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The UN proposes temporary basic income for the poorest victims in the midst of the pandemic. The Trump campaign launches ads in favor of Goya Foods. How are sustained erections related to the coronavirus? This is what you should know to start the day. Truth first.

The obstacles to distributing a vaccine

When a vaccine is finally approved, not everyone can get it right away. That establishes the difficult task of deciding, in the midst of a lethal pandemic, who is most vulnerable to the disease and who is most essential for them to receive the vaccine quickly.


Who will get the covid-19 vaccine first?

UN proposes temporary basic income

It is a “viable and urgent” measure. This is how the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) described the need to provide, in the midst of the pandemic, a temporary basic income for the 2.7 billion people living in poverty around the world.

5 ECLAC proposals in the face of the coronavirus crisis 2:30

Judge orders publication of sealed Ghislaine Maxwell case documents

A federal judge has ruled publicly releasing numerous documents that have been kept sealed in a case involving Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, but said she is giving Maxwell’s legal team a week to file an appeal of her decision.

Trump campaign launches ads for Goya Foods

The campaign of the President of the United States is leaning towards the controversy surrounding the relationship of the Trump Government with Goya Foods. He launched a wave of Spanish-language radio and television ads, most of which will air in Florida’s Hispanic ad markets, which the campaign highlights highlight “the shameful Democrats smear campaign” against the Hispanic food company largest in the country.

Trump launches campaign in Spanish to defend Goya Foods 1:41

How are sustained erections related to the coronavirus?

Priapism, a sustained erection for more than 4 hours, is a complication of the coronavirus known only recently. With each passing day we learn more about the effects of the coronavirus on the body. We knew that the disease can generate blood clots in some patients.

TikTok could be sold to US investors to prevent it from being blocked in the US

US investors are reportedly considering buying the video-sharing app from Chinese parent company ByteDance in an effort to salvage TikTok’s sizeable presence in the United States.

US investors could buy TikTok 1:20

Microsoft reveals ‘Halo Infinite’, ‘Fable’ and other upcoming Xbox Series X games

Microsoft revealed which games will be available on the next generation Xbox Series X. The announcement comes a month after Sony unveiled its upcoming games and design for the PlayStation 5.

Microsoft announces its new Xbox Series X console 1:17

This new phone screen glass can withstand a drop of 2 meters

Corning Gorilla Glass, the brand that has made the glasses for 8 billion devices, has a new product. Know it.

How did mosquitoes evolve to be attracted to humans?

The evolution of mosquitoes to bite humans is a by-product of their dependence on reproduction in areas close to human life in the city, which means that urbanization in the coming decades could lead to more mosquitoes that bite us. in the future.

One Direction turned 10

The tenth anniversary of the British-Irish group One Direction is celebrated, which has promised its patient followers something special to celebrate the occasion.

US $ 1,950 million

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense announced a $ 1.95 billion agreement with Pfizer to produce 100 million doses of a covid-19 vaccine in the United States.

This is the race to find a vaccine and cure the covid-19 2:21

We will never eradicate this virus. This is here for the rest of all humanity »

Infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, says the world will most likely never get rid of the coronavirus.

They rescue a seagull caught in a mask

This seagull was entangled in a disposable face mask in the UK. The veterinarians who treated her claimed that her legs may have been trapped in the elastic straps of the mask for a long time.

They rescue a seagull caught in a mask 0:40