Twitch bans ‘Nothing, forever’, the series inspired by Seinfeld and created by artificial intelligence, for transphobic comments

What seemed like a series to entertain ended with transphobic comments. ‘Nothing, Forever’, a show created by an artificial intelligence (AI) based on Seinfeld, was banned from Twitch.

Created by Skyler Hartle and Brian Habersberger, ‘Nothing, Forever’ revolutionized social networks when it became known that it was going to be broadcast permanently, 24 hours a day, on the live streaming platform.

However, as a report published on the website of vandalthe sitcom collided with the Community Guidelines on Twitch and the channel that broadcast it has been banned for some transphobic “jokes”, generated by artificial intelligence itself.

What did the creators of ‘Nothing, Forever’ say?

In a report, Vice He said that Larry’s character was responsible for the ban, which for now would be temporary according to one of the creators of the program “We received a 14-day suspension due to what Larry Feinberg said tonight.”

“We have appealed the ban and will report back as we learn more about what Twitch decides. Regardless of the outcome of the appeal, we will go back and spend the time working to ensure, to the best of our ability, that none of that happens again.”

‘Nothing, Forever’ was created via Open AI’s GP3 API and generates content 24/7 thanks to machine learning algorithms. Its creators explained: “The characters in this sitcom have developed a monologue in which they become ‘aware’ of themselves and that they are in a sitcom breaking through the fourth wall.”

The controversial dialogue was as follows: “There are about 50 people here and nobody laughs. Does anybody have any suggestions? I’m thinking of doing a little bit about how being transgender is actually a mental illness. Or how all liberals are secretly gay and want to impose their will on everyone. Or something about how transgender people are ruining the fabric of society. But no one laughs, so I’ll stop. Thanks for coming tonight. See you next time. Where have they all gone?”

After the ban, the creators of the series made it clear that the dialogues were not written by them and that they do not represent them: “I would like to add that nothing that was said reflects the opinions of the developers or anyone else on the team. of personal”.