Widgetsmith is updated with support for Health data

There is no doubt that widgets were one of the features most relevant from the arrival of iOS 14. Users could immediately begin to experience a new way of accessing some of the functions of their favorite apps.

New projects also arrived that used this new possibility offered by Apple to give users a new means of personalization for your devices. Such is the case with Widgetsmith, which has released an update that expands its catalog and functions.

Widgetsmith offers iOS widgets that support light and dark mode. A total customization in design and function.

Customize your own Widgets

Widgetsmith is an application that was one of the pioneers in presenting a format of customization for Apple devices with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. This app is on the list of the best options to create widgets for your iPhone screen.

Among its options you can choose between the three sizes of widgets and select one of the various functions that has like setting a calendar, viewing photos or images of your choice, having reminders on the screen and more.

It’s actually an app Very complete that allows full customization of widgets from functions to design with all colors and various fonts.

The customization of the widgets in Widgetsmith is complete and intuitive.

A new version

On January 11, the application was updated to your version 2.3 which welcomes you to a new health data monitoring function which will be accessible if the user has an Apple Watch.

» Kick off 2021 with a new collection of health-focused widgets. «

Now you can access new widgets to view the daily steps and other data stored in the Health app. In addition, there is also a new option to have a widget with the weather superimposed on a selected image, combining two options into one.

Widgetsmith is updated to bring Health Widgets.

Widgetsmith is currently one of the most popular applications essential if you want to give your iPhone a new look. It is even within our recommendation of the 25 apps you should have on your iPhone.

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